Something that you want us to know about you or something about you that is interesting?

- Something that I don’t believe a lot of people know about me is that I love poetry. I love to read poetry as well as write poetry. Another thing that many do not know about me is that I love creative writing and I believe that creative writing is the best way to express yourself. I also really enjoy musical plays and my favorite musical play of all time is Les Miserable’s.

Explain your education & career goals?

- My education has been a little longer than I wanted but I know that I have to get through with education to then do what I want to do. I have a lot of goals and right now the major goal that I have is to graduate next spring with a Major in Education. The Army is also a goal I have in mind.

What brings you joy?

- My family brings me joy and so does relaxing. I am really big on my "own time" meaning that I love to have moments to myself. . It may sound weird but I do believe it is good to have moments to ourselves. Another thing I enjoy is to be clean physically, emotionally, as well as organizationally. I am a neat freak but I believe that it truly defines me as a person and helps me in my every day life.

What is your greatest fear about being a teacher?

- My biggest fear about becoming a teacher is not being hired the next year or not being hired at all. I know that that is life and it is reality but if I don’t get hired I would be very sad but at the same time determined to apply again for another job. That is one of my biggest fears about becoming a teacher.

Did you ever experience a time when something was extremely difficult to learn? Explain that time and how it made you feel?

- MATH. MATH.MATH. Math has never been easy for me and it honestly holds me back from many things I want to do. I feel that it is all my fault because I am in charge of my learning and when it comes to math I totally check out. I know that I need to be more focused when it comes to Math but I am scared of it.

How might this piece of your history help you connect to students with learning differences?

- I believe that I will be totally excepting of students when it comes to there mathematics skills. I know I was never good at it and it would take a lot of time for me to understand it. I will be willing to help students as well as give them whatever they need to succeed in my classroom as well as additional help. I know I needed a lot of time and I would be willing to give my students the time they need just like I needed in order to understand the information.

What do you want to gain from this course?

- I would like to gain more understanding and knowledge of how to help/take care of students with different learning disabilities. I would also love to understand and be able to know the correct word uses for students with disabilities. I believe this is important to know because I would not want to offend someone who does have a disability.

Topic: Physical Education

Reasons For Choosing: I chose this topic because I believe that if I had a choice I would make a very good physical education teacher but more importantly I really wanted to know modifications that are made in order to incorporate all students and students with different forms of disabilities. I wanted to learn more about this because in our Physical Education class we had to make a lesson and teach it. We also had to make changes if we were to have students in the class that may have needed an alternative way to complete or attempt the activity. I found this to be a very fun part but I really wanted to learn more about different ways and quick tips to expand my knowledge. I believe that it is important to expand my knowledge on this topic because I believe it will also give me a good insight on other alternatives as well. I believe that all students should be able to participate and that is my main goal is to find as many different ways as I can in order to make sure all students can participate.

Top Five Things Learned.
1.) No matter what the activity is accommodations can be met for students with any disability.
2.) One of the coolest things that I learned/discovered was the pushup mat. I believe that this could be a very useful tool for students that are visually impaired but I also believed it could be used for any other student.
3.) When working with students with disabilities in the physical education field goals as well as progression is extremely important. I also liked the idea that when the goals are reached to maybe have a routine for the student to perform so the student can be assessed but more importantly show what they learned.
4.) Students with disabilities need to have physical education in their lives so they don’t develop a secondary impairment.
5.) The last thing that I learned and found very important was that the first step to success needs to come from the teacher. Certain things I really liked was modeling appropriate behavior, include the child in any activities possible, and reinforce positive interactions. I think that with this students with disabilities will feel more welcomed as well as more willing take a risk in class.

*Favorite Source*
This video also gives helpful ways to accommodate students in physical education for a ride range of disabilities. The video gives different games and all the games have been modified to accommodate students with all kinds of disabilities. It really shows that students with disabilities can be involved in the activity and how all-different games can be modified. I honestly love this video because it shows you specifics such as great materials to use as well as helpful hints for modifications. Rate: 4 out of 5

Additional Eight Sources:
- This is awesome! This is a video on how there are mats for visual impaired individuals to use for doing pushups. It effectively gives directions as well a walk through tutorial on how this should be used. I really found this important because it would give the student a chance to actually do the activity but what I like about this the most is that it would be a great tool for a beginner. It would help get them to understand form as well as the actual cadence for doing a pushup. Rate: 3 out of 5

-This video really gives the focus of specific goals and it also gives teachers activities ideas for what to do for their students. It also gives teachers the idea to use community based fitness centers to teach strengthening to their students. Although the speaker is not very good the information is on point and he provides many great points for teacher. Rate: 3 out of 5

-The website above provides a very thorough website for teachers who may not be knowledgeable in what exactly it means to make modifications for there classroom settings. What I liked most about this site is that it answers any questions and it also gives helpful hints for teachers so that they may gain more knowledge in this field. Rate: 2.5 out of 5

-This article focuses on the reason why it is so important for students with disabilities to maintain and have physical education and just to be physically active in their every day life. It is important for students with disabilities to be physically active because it allows the to not develop secondary impairments. I really found this important and what line that really stuck out to me that I really enjoyed was: “The benefits of physical activity are universal for all children.” It is important for all educators to remember that every child needs physical activity even those with disabilities. Rate: 3 out of 5

-This article gives a very direct and straightforward answer for teachers who want to know definitions for students with disabilities. It gives the definitions of adaptations, modifications, accommodations, and specially designed instruction. These are all tips for teachers to use and understand when preparing for class. Rate: 2.5 out of 5

-The article “Welcoming Children with Disabilities” by Martin E. Block gives so many great examples on how to make a student with a disability feel comfortable in a mainstream physical education class. I love how the article focuses on modeling appropriate behavior, include the child in any activities possible, and reinforce positive interactions. It talks about how the role of the teacher is very important and that can totally change the atmosphere for the student. Rate: 3 out of 5

- “Establish and enforce policies and practices that enable students with disabilities and other special health care needs to participate fully and safely in physical education and other school physical activity programs.” This was the first and most important tip given on this website and I could not agree more. I believe that it is so important that students can always participate in the activity and it is of most importance to make sure they always feel incorporated. One of the other biggest ideas that I agree with is that safety needs to be of huge importance not only to the student with the disability but also the other students in the class. Rate: 3 out of 5

-The source shows all of the different accommodations that may be given to students. The focus is given by the Developmental adapted Physical Education Plan (DAPE) and I believe that any teacher would be able to benefit from this. I also liked how it brushed up on the fact that every student may not be able to have accommodations because their disability may be too serious. However the article does cover the fact that there are alternative physical education classes for students with disabilities. Rate: 3 out of 5

-The website above gives some quick tips that can really help a physical education teacher out when needed to make sure the accommodations for their specific student are met. I believe that this website is helpful because it gives tips on what needs to happen before classes start as well as on going accommodations throughout the year that the student may need. Rate: 3 out of 5