Hi I'm Max Sandler, and the picture in the upper right part of the screen is me!

Some interesting facts about me!

I can speak both English and Russian.
I enjoy playing chess when I can find people to play with.
Playing video Games,reading books, and watching movies are some of my favorite things to do when I have free time.
I aspire to be a GREAT teacher one day.

Current Goals
My final goal is to have my own class room some day.
Right now my goal is to finish my bachelors degree, and then start a MAT program at SOU.

What brings me joy?
Smiles bring me joy.
When I succeed, or witness some one succeed also brings me joy.
Joy brings me joy!

My greatest fear about being a teacher.
My greatest fear about being a teacher is that I might not get students to learn anything.

A story of frustration
I am dyslexic, so in elementary school I had a really hard time learning to read. It was frustrating because at first no one knew why I was having troubles. So it made me feel like I was stupid. For a long time I had this bad stigma about reading ,because of how hard it was for me. It took me a long time to start to enjoy reading books. This experience will make me look closer for signs of disabilities in children, and have them tested sooner rather then later.

My goals for this course.
I really hope I can gain more tools to make my classroom curriculum a more balanced model that can accommodate all kinds of students.

Topic Introduction

The topic that I chose is 504 plans. The reason I chose it is because I was curious about what qualified a child for a 504 plan over an IEP plan. I also wanted to know if a 504 plan had any limitations, and what exactly it was beyond a less involved IEP plan.

Top source 5/5
Has great information presented a way that is meant to help teach you the key concepts of 504 plans. Has a tool of self evaluation to see how well you retained the information.

Topic Sources 4/5
A great instructional video for parents on how to request a 504 plan. Gives a brief overview on the process that would go on, and who to contact if you think you're student might need extra help. 4/5
A video that is a great basic summary and overview of a 504 plan aimed more towards parents. 5/5
This site lists the differences between a 504 plan and a IEP. Also gives a brief summary of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 5/5
Has templates on what different 504 plans look like in a couple school districts. Also provides a link to their 504 plan FAQ. 3/5
A dense read, but is the actual law, and summary of the law that the US department of education posted. 4/5
A wiki devoted to 504 plans, and has lots of useful information presented in a well organized manner. Also has testimonies of people who have some sort of experience with 504 plans. 4/5
Another site that talks about the legal side of the 504 plan. Also provides constant updates if they are available. 3/5
A site that gives information about 504 plans for children with diabetes.

Top 5 things I've learned

1. I learned that every child is entitled to a 504 plan if they need it. Even for things beyond education like medical disabilities which may include but not limited to a wheel chair ramp, special medication, and acomadations for diabetes.

2. I learned that unlike IEP's 504 plans usually have no written goals for the child.

3. Most of the time an assessment is not needed for a student to receive a 504 plan.

4. That a 504 plan does not discriminate with age. If a student is in any form of educational situation it does not matter how old he or she is, because he or she will always be eligible for a 504 plan.

5. The main difference between an IEP and 504 plan is that a 504 plan is for all disabilities, while an IEP plan must provide some sort of academic benefit.