Welcome to your ED 471 Inclusion Strategies Wiki!
Tuesday Section
If you've never create a wiki before, you're in for a real treat! Watch this video for an introduction:

Each student will join this wiki and create their own wiki page. Within your page, you will post the following:

Inclusion Strategies Research Wiki (20 points)Final Wiki due Week 8 (see below for specific due dates for each section)

Start by looking at the wiki page called "Crum, Angela, Wiki Example"

Each student will choose a research topic from a provided list in class. You will send yourself an email in class that asks you to JOIN the wiki. You’ll need to respond to this email by clicking “JOIN” to be a member of the class Wiki. Then, you’ll create a wiki page- you’ll name the page in this manner: last name, first name, research topic. (Example: Crum, Angela, Inclusion Strategies)

You will post the following, in this order, on your wiki page:

  1. An introduction of the student with a picture. You’ll answer the following questions about yourself. Type out the question and then answer it: Something that you want us to know about you or something about you that is interesting; Explain your education & career goals; What brings you joy?;What is your greatest fear about being a teacher?; Did you ever experience a time when something was extremely difficult to learn? Explain that time and how it made you feel. How might this piece of your history help you connect to students with learning differences?;What do you want to gain from this course? Due Week 2
  2. An introduction to the topic with a statement of how the topic is personally relevant/why you selected it. Due Week 7
  3. The top 5 things you learned while completing this research project. Due Week 8
  4. The best resource you found (a 5 out of 5 rating!) with an explanation of why it’s important/helpful. Due Week 8
  5. A list of 8 additional resources (rate them from 1 to 5 & aim for resources that are a 3 or better!) with a brief explanation of each. Four resources are due on Week 7 & the remaining four are due Week 8
  6. Your work needs to be neat and orderly so it's easy for readers to follow. If you are sloppily copying and pasting information, points will be deducted from your overall grade (not to mention that your wiki will be less helpful to you and your peers!).

Helpful tips & words from the wise wiki creators who have gone before you:
  • Type all of your information in a word processing document and copy/paste it into the wiki page. This helps if technology fails and you lose any information.
  • Use simple formatting; you don’t want to be wasting precious research time fiddling around with elaborate formatting. Save yourself the frustration!
  • On the top right hand side of the wiki page, there is a little clock. If you happen to lose information on your page, click the clock to revert to your previous wiki page that most likely has the information you “lost.”
  • Use an SOU computer lab when you plan to spend a chunk of time working on the wiki. Students who work on their home networks tend to have the most problems.

Each student will have 5 minutes to present their top resource with the class on Week 8. All required elements of the wiki page are due by class time on Week 8, but students can continue to develop their page as long as they desire. It is intended that this Wiki will be a robust resource available to all students during and after the completion of this course.